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Solvitur ambulando (solved by walking) – St. Augustine 

Trail du Mont Blanc, Mont Blanc, Ultraks Skyrace.




  1. Stunning scenery out there. Thanks for sharing Joe.

  2. thank you Joe for sharing !

  3. It’s my rest day and now I just wanna run! Thanks for sharing and inspiring once again, Joe.

  4. Thank you Joe. These photos are beautiful!

  5. That’s real inspiration!
    Are you running the UTMB this year ?
    If not, please take more beautiful pictures like those please !

  6. Whoa… Incredible shot of the Ibex!!

  7. Spectacular photos! (Have you ever thought of putting a book together?)

  8. Beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  9. So cool.

  10. Fantastic photos as usual Joe! I love the series of shots of the different runners from the same viewpoint, and the sheep are gorgeous!

  11. Your ability to capture the beauty of wild places is an inspiration. Your gift as a photographer matches your world class ultrarunning. Enjoy UTMB

  12. Tks for the inspiration !!

  13. Joe,
    Amazing pics! I’m a photography instructor and am curious what you are shooting with. The image quality is great!

    • Thanks a lot worm. I’m mainly using an Olympus OMD EM5 (along with the iphone).

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