With No Task But To Live

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And that’s why I have to go back
to so many places
there to find myself
and constantly examine myself
with no witness but the moon
and then whistle with joy,
ambling over rocks and clods of earth,
with no task but to live,
with no family but the road.
Pablo Neruda


  1. Amazing photo’s Joe! Glad your out there killing it as usual on the trails still (even after the miss-half).

    Good luck with all the training these coming months and looking forward to following your blog throughout this year! 2013 will be one to remember.

    Also just a quick question – What type of camera do you use and take with you on your runs/climbs? Photos are extremely high quality.


    • Thanks, Dylan! Mainly I use a canon T2i, my iphone and I’m currently playing around with some older film cameras too. We’ll see what comes of it.

      • Hi. really thanks for inspiring pictures.. my everyday routine visiting your footnotes and waiting new pics and words. How do you carry your camera while running?
        Thanks Vojta

        • Thanks, Vojta. Depending on the camera and the run, I carry it in my hand, tucked in my waist band, pocket, or a small pack.

      • Thanks! Usually I carry my Iphone with me as well when I decide to take photos, but have been thinking about acquiring a mini-camera that takes HD photos, that or possibly investing in a go-pro to some sort.

  2. Truly magnificent, awe inspiring, and motivating. This is a gift, as your posts always are. I am grateful. Thank you!

  3. Mind-blowing… You should publish a book of your best shots at some point!

    • Thanks, Matt. I have a project somewhat along these lines coming up in the near future.

  4. Beautiful text, amazing shots.

  5. Mountains are cool.

  6. Yep, really cool.

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