Mount Hood – Circumnavigation

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“Talk of mysteries! — Think of our life in nature, — daily to be shown matter, to come in contact with it, — rocks, trees, wind on our cheeks! The solid earth! the actual world! the common sense! Contact! Contact! Who are we? where are we?” Thoreau



  1. A motley crew, the shot of the four on the trail with the mountain in the background is sublime. Kiss ass shots as usual.

    • Sorry meant "kick" ass. Doh!

  2. Nice one Joe – again.
    Awesome scenery, ditto photographs.
    Have a great UTMB
    Gramps with Nans

  3. It's torturous to see stuff like this while tapering.  Looks incredible.  
    Did you get your lights?

  4. Excellent photos Joe.  What a run!  Have a good trip man.  

  5. What a fantastic run. Great pics as always Joe, thanks for sharing. Have a great run around that other mountain in Europe!

  6. Great photos, Joe. See you in Chamonix.

  7. thanks for the amazing photos joe.  that was a great day.  have fun in europe!

  8. Nice shots!

  9. guess it is worth hauling around the real camera…stunning!
    gonna take it with you around mont blanc?
    pleasure meeting and running with you, Joe.  
    Safe travels.  

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  11. I'm headed up to Mt. Hood with Willie for a leisurely hike in September. These are magnificent photos. Thanks for the preview. Willie had a great time on the run.

  12. Beautiful pictures. What camera do you carry on your runs?

  13. Awesome pictures!! Wow.  Good luck at Mt. Blanc.

  14. Thanks all for the kind comments! Dax – I use a canon T2i with 50mm lens. 

  15. Did the run (but in 16 hours – ya, I bow to your quickness!) the Saturday before you guys did and want to say I was the first to circumnav this year because there were large sections of virgin snow on the North side. Not surprised to see Trevor running with this pack – that guy is insane on all things Hood.

  16. How far (distance/time) was this run? Looks fantastic. Some of yous going pretty minimal with supplies far out! Whatever happened to mountain safety haha! you should carry a backup thermal just in case bros.

  17. Alastair – the run is just over 40 miles (add a few more for the wandering goat here :)). There are plenty of bail out points on the trail and since we had a good number of people running, it would have been easy to get help had anything gone wrong. We did have lights just in case too. 

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  23. Excellent photos Joe. What a run! Have a good trip man


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