Alaska – A Running Camp

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The Geoff Roes Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp is really something special. A blog post doesn’t even begin to do it justice, but here’s a visual account of our time there nonetheless. Come check it out for yourself next summer. You won’t regret it.

In Flight

Day 1: Sheep Creek Trail/Shark Lake


Day 2: Mt. Roberts Tram Run/Gastineau Peak 



Day 3: Point Bridget State Park – Mendenhall Glacier



Day 4: Juneau Ridge 





Day 5: Wetlands and channel crossing


Eagles and Ice







  1. I was working with someone who attended the camp session you were at (Nicole) yesterday at the AC100 and it was cool to hear about the adventures. It certainly made Alaska running appealing, and these photos only add to it. Great work.

    • Thanks, Chris! Yeah, it’s a very unique experience. I was amazed at how everyone regardless of their running background got something out of it.

  2. Joe, I just came upon your site (looking at Ultra Running) and am impressed with the photography. I dabble in photography as well and am a novice trail runner. Every time I go out to the trails for a run, I find myself wishing I had a decent camera with me. I usually have an iPhone with me for photos, but it just doesn’t give me the flexibility I like to have. What do you do you use for your photography? Have you devised some sort of system for carrying a more substantial camera other than a mobile phone?

    • Thanks, Richard!
      I shoot a lot on my phone for obvious reasons. The phone cameras are getting so good now it’s often the best option for me while running. I don’t use them, but clip on lenses might be a good way to expand the range of your phone.
      I also quite like the Sony RX100 series though for a little more money I’d invest in a good micro 4/3 system. I use the Olympus OMD EM5 and love it. If I bring this camera, I just use a padded lens sleeve or a jacket to wrap the camera in a mini dry bag. Fits in a running vest and isn’t that heavy if you just keep it to one lens.

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