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Prior to Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji in 2014, I did a fun run for BUFF at Lake Saiko in Japan. During the run, I met Yuichi Shibui director of Mountain Martial Arts (MMA), a trail running and lifestyle brand. He was wearing a pair of print denim running shorts and I commented on how much I liked them.

Later that year at UTMB, Yuichi gave me a pair of the shorts along with a custom MMA Buff. Yuichi told me that the concept behind MMA was to produce stylish clothing for everyday use on and off the trail, meshing lifestyle with performance.  

Earlier this year, we started discussing the idea of collaborating on a small clothing line for fall 2016. The driving concept behind the collaboration for both design and utility was to create clothing that connects town to nature from the streets of Tokyo to the mountains of Colorado.

All the designs and patterns are unique and created by Yuichi. All the clothes are made in Japan.


MMAW Logo Tee

Front view and rear detail (brown tee).



MMAW Panel Tee


MMAW Jogger Pants



Khaki Camo detail:


MMAW Denim Run Shorts

Rear pocket detail:



Original buff®


  1. looking to buy some of those denim shorts, 30″ waist?
    let me know

  2. Salut Joe,
    impossible pour nous français d’acheter des vêtements MMA?
    ils sont sympa en tout cas, j’aime bcp le t-shirt et le short en jean

  3. Joe,
    je me suis penché un peu plus sur ton article, c’est pour l’automne 2016 en fait?
    j’espère qu’o aura la possibilité de faire quelques achats,
    franchement Joe c’est chouette votre gamme (Tshirts, surets, short) si tu cherches un ambassadeur en france de MMA/Alpine Works 😉


  4. Et je te souhaite une bonne hardrock..

  5. Dude – I usually read your essays for philosophy, not fashion, but holy shit where the hell can I get a pair of those shorts in a medium? Is there a bulk discount, because I’d like a five year supply if possible – cheers, amigo

    • Thanks, Andrew. Unfortunately, we only did a very limited run of these for this fall so I won’t have any more for sale. We might be looking at doing another run for next year.

  6. Yes, I’d like to know where I could find a pair of the shorts and joggers. Very nice stuff.

    • Thanks, Todd. Please see my response to Andrew above.

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