Chile / Fragments

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Poetry does this to us. You can quickly either soar or drown in depression. You can have a pretty good first line but not a strong enough thought to tag along more lines and sometimes in the middle words become bored and make war on one another. Notebooks are full of these fragments, shrapnel of our intention. Life is short on conclusions and that’s why it’s often a struggle to end a poem. Some are lost forever. Sometimes you walk around with versions of a poem in your head that won’t come clean. You are enslaved to this language of disorder and can brood upon it for days and weeks. Jim Harrison 

A trip, a race and a story that I never quite managed to get out. Sometimes an experience no matter how interesting is difficult to put down in words and I find myself stalling in trying to pick a direction for the story. The following few shots show but a small glimpse into a most wonderful trip to Chile this past December. Here’s to more focus, more commitment, more writing.






  1. It would be great to see “Footnotes” come back to life.

    • Thanks, David. Definitely working on bringing it back in some capacity.

  2. Good to see new entries here!

    Your considerations are always inspiring in terms of writing, photography and outdoors.

    Chile is awesome, I’ve been many times for work and with too little time to wander, but I remember with great joy some outings to el cajón del Maipo and el Morado

  3. Love that bottom picture – theres a hundred things happen in it.

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