UROC 100k

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Skyrunner® World Series Ultra FinalUROC 100k, Vail, Colorado.


  1. Great photos, Joe! I particularly like the first and last ones.

  2. Brilliant as always Joe. I’ve been an art director and creative director for 20 years. During that time, I’ve looked at a LOT of photos and worked with some really amazing shooters. You’ve got something really special going here. Beautiful, insightful, emotional shots. Great job! Still shooting with your Rebel?

    • Thank you for the kind words, Brad. I’m using an Olympus OMD EM5 right now.

  3. Really good!

  4. Super!

  5. Love the richness in colors!

  6. The pictures capture the sense of urgency associated with the event and finally at the end two great competitors acknowledging the triumph of a well fought battle. Great work!

  7. Beautiful captured Joe! It is always a pleasure viewing pictures from Alpine Work…

    Greetings from Singapore/Malaysia.

  8. you would have had fun running in the event, but it looks like you enjoyed the action anyway, take’n photos….! stay strong joe, and enjoy your friends and epic adventures yet to come…! keep shot’n those good photos…!

  9. Thanks, Joe, for another wonderful visual experience.

  10. Great pics, Joe. What lens(es) did you use with the OM-D? I am thinking of getting one for outdoor use and your photos are fantastic! Thanks for sharing them.

    • Thanks, Ethan. I used a panasonic 14mm lens.

  11. Too bad Tony and Goeff aren’t in a band. That first photo would make a great album/CD cover.

    • I was thinking the same thing. That’s a great pic of both of them.

  12. Nice work Joe – again….

    Gramps with Nans

  13. Great pics all around but really lovin’ the TK and Geoff Roes pic! Still waiting for that coffee table book of all your pics to go on sale:)

  14. Dude, flippin love the side shots where you can see what form the runners have along with the environment around them. Overall those shots are my favorite! Strong Work.

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