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I would tell them inspire instead of trying to win races. Don’t even worry if you finish first or 100th. It doesn’t make any difference because there’s going to be another race later. If you win, everybody forgets it in a few days anyway, and if you lose, nobody remembers, but the inspiration you give will last forever because you’ll get other people to run well. We try too hard to run well and be logical. And I think it’s much better if you go out and make it so everybody gets to the first mile very fast and they’re wildly afraid because the logic has been thrown to the dust. Gerry Lindgren (advice to distance runners)


  1. Yes, it’s always about how you feel.

  2. So true. Be inspired and be an inspiration to others.

  3. Character matters.

  4. great to see you all out in Cham!

  5. thanks

  6. Perfect !!!!

  7. I had to read the last sentence about a half dozen times to finally get it – it is so counter intuitive to my rigid way of thinking. My, I love the point of few. Why do we have to concentrate on only running right? Of course if we run wrong we might not meet the challenges we set for ourselves but that in itself wouldn’t be the end of the world. I run because others have inspired me to run and it feels good to know that I have inspired at least couple of more people to run too. Thanks Joe, keep the infection going.

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