Second Heartbeat

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That is where my dearest and brightest dreams have ranged — to hear for the duration of a heartbeat the universe and the totality of life in its mysterious, innate harmony. Hermann Hesse 

After soloing the first flatiron for the first time, TK and I got a quick scramble up the second just before the rain. 


  1. So rad.. I love these trails with a dying passion and am so blessed to get to run them… This is a pretty nice scramble to the top.. Thanks for the consistent greatness

  2. Hi Joe,
    After minimalism is it the (re)birth of quadrupedalism ?
    :- ()

  3. Espectacular Joe. You guys looking so strong!!

  4. Once again doing what looks like the impossible.  Amazing!

  5. Very impressive indeed. Once at the top do you have to down-climb the flatiron or is there a trail leading down?

    • Thanks, Brad. On this route (Freeway), you can just step off directly on to the trail for the way down. You don’t actually climb to the true summit of the second flatiron, leaving out the Pullman Car (~30ft).

  6. Wow!!  That is pretty impressive.  This really puts the size of the flatirons in perspective.  We don't have anything quite like that out here in San Diego.  Keep up the awesome inspiring videos. Is # 2 the tallest and most technical of all the flatirons?

    • Thanks, Steve. No, the second isn’t the biggest or the most technical. The route in the video that we took is about 800 feet long and a 4th class scramble the whole way. The beauty of the flatirons is that they offer so many easy, super fun climbs and combined with all the great running around there, it makes for a pretty unique setting.

  7. Great as always Joe. Glad you guys are getting some much needed rain. I was just in the Vail/Beaver Creek area and people were practically dancing in the streets when the rain finally fell. Have fun on your jaunt around the mountains this weekend!

  8. Cool video.  Just be careful guys, no one thought John Bachar would fall when he did…

  9. Awesome movie !!! Which cam do you use regularly, or are all the pics taken from the gopro footages ??
    Thanks for your admirable work !!

  10. Joe,
    Love the blog, photos and videos.  Best of luck at hardrock.

  11. Joe,
    Love the blog, photos and videos.  Best of luck at hardrock.

  12. Joe,
    Love the blog, photos and videos.  Best of luck at hardrock.

  13. Awesome clip. That's a heck of a scramble..especially in running shoes??? Some spots look slick in the vid. Is there a concern for moisture – such as eary morning dew? In any case remarkable and camerawork was spot on. Cheers.

  14. What's the Song? Thanks for a sweet video

  15. Really nice video! Remindes me of Dan Osman… 

  16. Hi Joe, Great video of Anton (and you following with the camera !). Could you tell whats version of the song it is from Nneka ?
    Thank you so much and congrats for your amazing race at Hardrock !


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