Su100 – Raw Splice

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"The race is not just for the swift, but for those who can endure." Stephen Marley, Mind Control

Here's some raw, unedited footage from the Susitna 100. I ramble and complain a lot, sometimes with a cold induced lisp. It's long just like the slog was. If you click randomly you may catch a good one liner. If you watch the whole video, you have what it takes to do the race. Quality is sub-par in full screen due to the file size, so the small window will have to do. You can also read my race report over at iRunFar.


  1. Dude, I was laughing out loud for pretty much the entire last five minutes of the video.  Love it.  Nothing like an epic suffer-fest.  I know I would've been swearing a whole lot more. "Please end…PLEASE! END!"

  2. Nice footage man……good to listen to a little Joe F.M. in the morning!  Congrats!

  3. Congratulations for your second place Joe. But more than that…., my sincere congrats for your persistence and your suffering tolerance. You are truly inspiring. Great race, wide and wilde adventure and tremendous racer!

  4. Epic stuff Joe –  like we were there with you. What a nightmare! I wonder if having the camera to talk to helped to relieve the isolation at all, or at least to punctuate your day a little.

  5. Fantastic footage. So great that you shared that. Everyone who considers signing up for a winter ultra with a pulk should be required to watch it. The soft snow did not look like fun for those long straight sections. You definitely should look at Yukon Arctic Ultra next year. Course is beautiful, and we lucked out with better footing than what you got this year. 

  6. That was over-the-top awesome. "I'm not even going to jog it in…."

  7. And you did indeed endure and share the tale. Voilà.
    Loved the end. Chapeau. xxx

  8. What an experience to go through this with you, Joe, while sitting comfortably at home.  It's incredible to watch and listen to you persevere mile after cold, miserable mile and hour after hour.  Great work on all counts.  We are in awe of you.

  9. Damn.
    Thanks for the footage, my favorite line was "not even going to jog it in"

  10. The loneliness of the long-distance runner….epic endurance, showing us all where it really is at. For you, failure is definitely not an option.
    Love from Nanna and Gramps

  11. Great video, Joe! Good job getting it done. I can't even imagine…

  12. "I'm not even gonna jog it in."
    Absolute classic! And at the same time brutally honest. I will save that one in the memory bank. Thanks Joe.

  13. You are a gem, Joe Grant.

  14. What a picturesque and wonderful falling apart.  Recover well!

  15. Outstanding Joe. Cheers for sharing the journey.

  16. I share Andy and Susanna's sentiments.  You held shit together well Joe.  The absurdity of walking on the frekin snowmachine trails, love that part.

  17. Our frozen Frogger on a frozen frazzle!  Way to stay strong!  See you at Chuckanut.

  18. Great job man, I'm loving your videos.

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