Trans-Gorge, Oregon

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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

Trans-Gorge, Oregon – Starvation Creek to Bridal Veil – 60+ miles with Nick, Yassine, Willie and Geoff. The initial plan was to follow the Mark O. Hatfield Trail Hike with an extension from Larch Mountain over to Bridal Veil instead of down to Multnomah Falls. Due to some delays and for logistical reasons we descended to the Old Columbia Highway from Nesmith Point where Geoff and I ran the last 9 mile road section to Bridal Veil to retrieve the car. Beautiful line definitely worth linking at some point.


  1. I miss Gorge so much…

  2. Beautiful pics as always Joe. Looks like a great day.

  3. The best trip report I have ever “read”.

  4. Just noticed the Arc’teryx banner. Very quality product – congrats. You going to San Fran this year?

    • Thanks Dbo 🙂 No San Fran for me. I might squeeze in another race before the end of the year but if not I do have a couple good adventures planned…

  5. wow, what amazing pics! now i’m whimpering that i’m stuck behind a desk! (thanks for sharing!)

  6. ‘Thanks for sharing’ is right! My desktop background changes regularly with all these beautiful pictures. What is the snow like effect Joe?

    • Thanks, Mary. In the first few photos, it’s just the clouds at dawn.

  7. These photos feed the soul – to go back to again and again.

  8. I’d love to know your exact route – it would be a great run for next year! Beautiful pictures as always!

  9. Joe, are you rocking some norman walsh footwear?

    • Oh yeah 🙂 Pb trainer.

      • How did they work?

        • Really well overall. Mine are a touch small for me so they feel a bit tight at first but once they “warm up” they stretch a little and mold to my foot. The outsole is quite hard which is nice for durability and rock protection but makes them a bit slick on wet rock. Still handmade in England though so they definitely deserve some love.

  10. DG The Elder is right…the photos feed the soul…so does getting out there and experiencing it. Glad to have shared another unreal adventure w/ ya mon frere! Could have used your photography skills and camera while circumnavigating Mt. St. Helens today….absolutely a “Postcard Day” here in the Pacific NW…classic run!

  11. Superb photos. Absolutely gorgeous.

  12. Photos maybe best yet…. and that’s saying something. Cloudscapes, contre -jour, autumn colours, action shots – terrific effects all in one short portfolio.

    Looks like a great day out all round, keep ’em coming.

    Gramps with Nans

  13. Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Joe – amazing pictures. What sort of camera are you shooting with on your runs? I’d love to carry my D200 with me, but quite bulky. Breathtaking.

    • Thanks, Ryan. I use a Canon T2i with 50mm lens. Kind of bulky as well so I only take it when I’m going on long casual outings.

  15. There is so much beauty it hurts!

  16. Hi Joe, I am a long time follower of your blog. Your descriptions of the places you explore through words and beautiful photographs captures the very essence of trail running and exploration. Thank you for sharing. If you are ever in the Vancouver area, gimme an e-mail and I will show you around some of our local mountain trails (it’s just a short ferry ride from Victoria). Take care and continue exploring nature and your own limits.

  17. Great pictures along with the story and I’m curious how you’re carrying a DSLR or if you mind the extra weight. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the next!

    • Thanks, Brice. I carry my camera in a small bubble wrap sleeve in my pack. I don’t mind the weight as I only carry it on longer, easier outings when I’m not concerned about bringing extra gear. I’ll tend to run pretty decent stretches with it out of the bag, then put it away for a while so I’m not constantly getting it in and out.


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